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We search for excellence in both form and function in what we sell with the hopes you can find those products you'll love for a lifetime.


Useful well designed objects for every day living... this is edit.






Whether you're moving, starting a new relationship, changing jobs, downsizing, or just tired of clutter, often times in these moments of transition we find we have acquired more than what we truly need. 
For us it was preparing for marriage that opened our eyes to our need to edit.  The process of combining two lives into one requires love, patience, compromise and…editing.  (Which of these two blenders do we keep?  Do we keep the overstuffed leather loveseat or the red Dodo chair?  And don’t even think about merging our iTunes accounts because Kenny Loggins should never be played on my iPhone!)  For us decisions like these of what to keep and what to discard are paramount to peace, happiness and clutter avoidance.


As we prepared for our new life we were also in the process of opening a retail store. It became a natural segue to apply this mindset that we were using in our personal lives to our business.  Edit. became an outgrowth of this process.  However instead of asking which one of two or more items we would keep, we asked if we could only buy one item from a particular category what would we choose?   The considerations always involved a combination of design, quality and functionality. This is our buying philosophy behind edit.


Over the last five years our business, much like our life, has evolved and changed…hopefully for the better.  The store has become a reflection of all the items that we love and want to have in our life and home.  Our sincere hope is that our customers will feel the same.






 BC + Olivia Lee